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The prices on the web site can sometimes be different to what they are in store. Stock is bought from many different suppliers & often, their prices vary. The price in store will be the correct price. - See more at: http://www.costumebazaar.com.au/www/content/default.aspx?cid=688&fid=687#sthash.acLYtUkT.dpuf


The prices on the web site can sometimes be different to what they are in store. Stock is bought from many different suppliers & often, their prices vary. The price in store will be the correct price. - See more at: http://www.costumebazaar.com.au/www/content/default.aspx?cid=688&fid=687#sthash.acLYtUkT.dpuf

  • Balloons


    We are now slowly expanding into  balloons. Foil and latex in various styles, shapes and prints. Helium balloons are at their best for 8-10 hours. Using Hi-Float will extend the life of the balloon for days at an extra charge. check out our range. if there's something you don't see here, we cal order it in for you.

  • Beards Mo's Side Burns & Hairy Chest


    Don't have time to grow your own beard or moustache for your fancy dress party, or Movember, fear no more as we have a range of 100% Human Hair beards moustaches, side burns and hairy chests for that realistic look you might need. You'll also find some cheap fake beards, mo's side burns and hairy chests that are  guaranteed to complete your look. A really great way  to complete your 70's 80's or Mexican fancy dress costume.




  • Bow Ties and Ties


    There are a few celebs now that are making bow ties cool again. Even nerdy bow ties are cool at the moment so in saying that, we have bow ties for all occasions. Oversized clown bow ties, sequined bow ties in various colours, formal bow ties and even squirting bow ties. Skinny ties, wide ties, retro ties, nerdy ties, funky ties and even flashing bow ties.

  • Braces or Suspenders


    Braces are a great way to keep your pants on. If you want to shine at your next fancy dress costume party then  sequinned braces are for you. No gangster is complete without these men's braces, and ladies, braces can enhance your best assets. Great for  clown costumes too. We have a huge range of colours and prints available. Whether it’s a fancy dress party or a formal occasion, suspenders are a fashionable, modern twist to a traditional style.

  • Crazy Contact Lenses


    Whether you want to go wacky and weird, make a fashion statement or go subtle and natural, CrazyContact Lenses are the way to go about  transforming your eyes. We stock a dazzling array of colored, novelty, fashion and crazy contact lenses.  Whether it be for Halloween, fancy dress, clubbing or just going out for the night, these novelty contact lenses are safe, comfortable and easy to use.

  • Costumes

    Costume Bazaar - Costumes

    Don't put up with an ill fitting costume because you bought it online and couldn't try it on first. Come in to our store to see feel and TRY on, our huge range of Adults and Children's fancy dress costumes, before you buy.

  • Eye Glasses

    Costume Bazaar-Eye Glasses

    Find the glasses that'll add that finishing touch to your fancy dress costume in our glasses section. From Blues Brothers to Dame Edna, John Lennon to Red Foo. Elvis, 60's hippies and nerds, 70's 80's Top Gun and novelty.


  • Face Paint

    Costume Bazaar-Face Paint

    Check out our range of water based "Global" face paints. We are also very proud to stock "Mehron" products for special effects. Blood, liquid latex, rigid collodian, extra flesh and everything to make you look like a gruesome zombie.


  • False Eyelashes

    Costume Bazaar-False Eyelashes

    Want to look like the models on those mascara tv commercials? Well you can with our vast  range of gorgeous false eyelashes. They also add that finishing touch to your fancy dress costume. Choose from 60's black glamour eyelashes to crazy drag queen, perhaps a disco diva or beautiful feathered eyelashes.  Fake eyelashes are not just for the ladies either!  ;)

  • Gloves

    Costume Bazaar-Gloves

    Going to an 80's themed fancy dress party? Then you'll definately need some neon fishnet gloves to finish off your costume. We have long gloves for your 1920's outfit too. Get your animal instinct on with our animal print gloves, halloween spider web gloves and so many more. They're the perfect accessory if you wish to add a sultry feel to your look.


  • Hats & Headwear

    Costume Bazaar-Hats

    Every policeman or fireman costume needs a hat. We certainly have hats to suit every costume that requires one. So if you're looking for headwear for your costume, be sure to check these out. There's top hats, bowler hats, captain and sailor hats. Indian headdress',head boppers and 1920's headbands too.


  • Hawaiian


    Get ready to do the Hula this summer. Check out these great Hawaiian skirts, grass tops, flower leis and grassy arm/leg bands.There's plenty of other coloured grass skirts too. Give us a call to find out!


  • Hosiery

    Costume Bazaar-Hosiery

    If you want to look sexy or cute, check out our range of tights and stockings. From psychadelic 60's tights to sexy fishnets in a wide variety of colours. They're great for you 80's Madonna fancy dress costumes or your Queen of Hearts costume too, in fact there are a number of themed thigh hi's to choose from.


  • Leg Warmers

    Costume Bazaar-Leg Warmers

    Boot covers and leg warmers can add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.  Leg warmers are the ideal 80s accessory so go all out at your next 80s inspired party and really stand out from the crowd.


  • Everything Else

    Costume Bazaar-Other Items

    We can't have a category for every product we sell, so some general accessories are in here.



  • Masks

    Costume Bazaar-Masks

    We love our extensive range of masquerade masks here at Costume Bazaar. From fully feathered venetian style masks to the plain old classic, Zorro mask. you can be sure that we'll have you covered!

  • Temporary Tattoos

    Costume Bazaar-Fake Tattoos

    Our temporary tattoos are very realistic. They are not bright and shiny like most fake tattoos.They come with instructions and look fantastic. We have old school retro tattoos, jail house tattoos, cute and fun and also celtic tribal tattoos. We also have wound tattoos to complete your gruesome Halloween fancy dress costumes too.


  • Wigs

    Costume Bazaar-Wigs

    No fancy dress costume is complete without a wig to make your outfit look authentic or simply really cool . You can choose a wig from the wide range  available from Costume Bazaar today! Going to a 70's disco party? Then check out our 70s Funky Afro Wigs.  Rock out in our 80's rock star mullet wigs for ladies & men. There's also wigs for different characters, men, women & Halloween dudes too.